Rhino Agritech

  • Specialize in producing cannabis derived cannabinoids, including CBG, CBN and other rare cannabinoids.
  • Continue to build a strong, trusted and versatile brand.
  • Continue to breed pure genetic lines of world-class cannabinoid-specific (CBD, CBG, CBN, ETC.) hemp and cannabis genetics under agricultural and laboratory-grade and scientific conditions. 
  • Continue to produce world-class Hemp seed and Hemp clone stock of our own proprietary genetic lines under agricultural and laboratory-grade conditions.
  • Continue to produce world-class smokable hemp flower and Extracts under agricultural and laboratory-grade conditions. 
  • Formulate and Manufacture High Efficacy Natural Health & Wellness Products
  • Continue to address the needs and ailments of our consumers 
  • Continue to serve our community, our partners, and our industry through commitment to quality, purity, compliance and sustainability. 





Specialists in Cannabis(3) Genetics and Propagation methods.

Maintain and market proprietary plant and seed genetics 

“Brutus (CBG)” was the farm’s first global CBG seed release and has under laboratory analysis tested as high as 18.1 % in CBG and 0.1- 0.2% THC, with a 98% Germination Rate, and at 96-100% female sex. In addition to these statistics, the Farms research team specifically bread this strain for resistance to molds and mildews, as well as frost; enabling propagation suitability with extremely high yields in nearly all climates.

"Nautilus-13", our most recent release.  Nautilus-13 is a highly refined, 8th generation, high CBG (14%-18%), Low THC (below .2) Hemp strain bread from heirloom CBG genetics. Over the course of its 8 generations it has been bread not only for high CBG and low THC, but is also the most resistant, most resilient, highest yielding CBG Genotype and Phenotype to-date.

Family Cannabaceae
Genus Cannabis Sativa L.
Strain Nautilus-13
Generation 9th
Registrant Artesian Valley Farm - Proprietary
Cultivation Indoor Lab Grade Aeroponic / Hydroponic
First Release Date March 01, 2021


Perfecting, and stabilizing current and new CBD and CBG specific Hemp cultivars is one of the farms main objectives. This includes the farm’s new proprietary release, Nautilus-13,  the most resilient highest yielding CBG Genotype and Phenotype to-date.