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Bernie O'Neill - technology oriented, B.S. Physics/Biochemistry, B.Tech Computer Science, early programmer, early employee of Commodore and Texas Instruments in technical positions, moved on to 'middle-ware', specializing in IBM's mainframe technologies, with May-Baker Pharmaceuticals then distributed systems management with Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, moving deep into consulting specializing in change management with EDS, Arther Anderson, Coopers & Lybrand, and Deloitte. Focus shifted from engineering to finance business with Moccata and Goldsmid in Hong Kong the gold trading arena, then on to bond trading and debt issuing and restructuring, initially based in Luxembourg, with Swiss Banking Investment Group, then Suisse Banking Corporation (SBC). During this time working on many public offerings, securitization offerings and bonds issues. In 2003 - present a partner in a private equity firm (Fintrust Capital), in a variety of transactions in banking, commercial property, energy, telecommunications and clearing and settlement arenas, in 2010 set up  Digital Realm to invest in and develop a range of digital, communication and media technologies, including TeeVee and Quiptel (sold to Falcon Media Group, in 2016), Then in 2018 established the Rhino Group of companies, opening Rhino Biotech in 2020 in the wellness tech area specializing in food waste and food preservation technologies, natural health and wellness market sectors, including the emerging cannabinoid driven nutraceutical markets.

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Federal Warnings about Delta 8

Yesterday, two of the leading health agencies of federal government – the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control – issued simultaneous public warning notices to the public about Delta-8 THC products.  The major concerns identified by these agencies involved their marketing, the potential use by minors, and most prominently, the potential harmful byproducts of unsafe manufacturing practices. Both agencies cite numerous examples of D8 use leading to hospital visits and poison control calls over the past several months.
Read the warnings here: (FDA, CDC).
This new development shines yet another bright spotlight on the desperate need for regulation in this space.  As a reminder, the U.S. Hemp Roundtable believes that Delta-8, as well as any other intoxicating compounds, should be regulated as adult-use cannabis.  Meanwhile, non-intoxicating hemp products, like CBD should be regulated as dietary supplements and food and beverage additives.
It's time for Congress to act.  It’s time to regulate CBD now.

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Medical and Material Safety Data Sheets

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